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Is your website hit by a bug or you are getting errors in the console and want to resolve them quickly? Look nowhere, we will fix all such issues, errors and bugs .We can fix all types of simple bugs and errors in Word Press, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP as we have come across them a countless times ourselves during the project development phase.

Locked out of WordPress. You can’t login and are completely locked out of Word Press? We can easily get you log back in safely.

 WordPress Issues & Troubleshooting . New versions of Word Press can cause issues when not properly done. We can easily fix for you so that you can have smooth backend.

Theme Issues & Troubleshooting . Is your theme creating issues. Is your WordPress theme acting strangely? Our experience counts, and we can totally fix it.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded in WordPress

WordPress not sending email issue. You or your users not getting mails? Get mails delivered to your inbox and your users inbox. 

WordPress Plugin Issues & Troubleshooting . Your plugins not working as they should be?. Plugin conflicts are most common in WordPress. We’ll cure your plugins.

 The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Having technical issues is critical for your website. We can easily remove these in minutes. Easily traceable by the website symptoms.

Maintenance Mode Error: Got your website in maintenance mode which should not have to be? We can easily get your website up and running.

WordPress posts returning 404 errors. Live pages not found in wordpress? Not able to see the pages in the desired url? Get your pages back and help your visitors see the pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to login to my site, can you still help ?

YES! that’s a very common issue, We can definitely help just send me the login (FTP / Cpnel n this case) and we will take care of the rest

Can you Speedup my Website?

Yes i can reduce the load time of your website and optimize it according to Search Engine Standards

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